EHRI Publications


EHRI Bibliography

At regular intervals EHRI will publish results and products, in newsletters and on the project website, and also on the EHRI portal. Throughout the project separate publications will be delivered by EHRI authors as articles in existing publications (journals/websites). They write about their ongoing work for the project. Titles include 'Integrating Holocaust Research' and ''The Missing Voice: Archivists and Infrastructures for Humanities Research'. See EHRI Bibliography.

e-Newsletter for Experts in Holocaust Documentation

Results of the workshops that EHRI organized between 2010-2014 were published in four e-Newsletter for Experts in Holocaust Documentation.

National Reports

Perhaps the key task to reach our goals has been the investigative work undertaken into the collections of Holocaust related materials. Based on a thorough definition of the Holocaust and of what constitutes a ‘Holocaust relevant archival collection’, around 1,500 institutions have been identified.

From this the Country Reports have been compiled. They provide a general overview of the history and archival situation in a large number of countries in an easily accessible format.

EHRI Deliverables

On the EHRI Deliverables page, we publish the Deliverables of the first phase of the EHRI Project (2010-2014, funded by FP7 of the EU) and of the second phase (2015-2019, funded by Horizon2020 of the EU).

Within a EU project, a Deliverable represents a verifiable output of the project. Normally, each Work Package (WP) will produce one or more deliverables during its lifetime. Deliverables are often written reports but can also take another form, for example the completion of a prototype etc.

Photo: Detail of pages, Otto Wolf Diary, volume I. Courtesy of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. (From the 3rd e-Newsletter for Experts in Holocaust Documentation).