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New: EHRI Online Editions


First Online Edition: BeGrenzte Flucht

A key goal of the EHRI Work Package 'New Views on Digital Archives' was to develop annotated online editions of documents as a new way of presenting digital archival content. The editions are empowered by new EHRI tools for digital editing and use and improve upon the EHRI vocabularies and descriptions to generate contextual information displayed to users. The annotated online editions link to EHRI Country Reports; information about collection holding institutions and collection-level descriptions in the EHRI Portal. The same Work Package team is also responsible for the EHRI Document Blog.


Millions of Holocaust-related Sources in and on Poland Integrated into the EHRI Portal


In September 1939, 3.3 million Jews lived in the Republic of Poland. In 1945, only 300,000 were still alive. Polish Jews were more than half of the victims of the Holocaust. Additionally, hundreds of thousands of Jews from all over Europe were taken to Poland to be killed there. Sources on the Holocaust in Poland are thus central to EHRI’s mission. Despite widespread destruction, countless sources do survive in the country itself as well as across the world. Although the task of gathering information about these holdings with its many different languages, source types, and archival systems is quite daunting, EHRI made it one of its priorities.

New Exhibition in Amsterdam: ‘The Persecution of the Jews in Photographs.’


If you plan on participating in the EHRI Conference ‘Holocaust Studies and its Social Setting’ on 3 July in Amsterdam, you may take the opportunity to visit the exhibition ‘The Persecution of the Jews in photographs. The Netherlands 1940-1945’ at the Dutch National Holocaust Museum in development. Later this year, the exhibition will travel to the Topographie des Terrors in Berlin.

Sandra Rosenfeld

People in EHRI: Sandra Rosenfeld-Katz from Yad Vashem and Project Manager EHRI Online Course


Sandra works for the Yad Vashem: E-Learning Department at the International School for Holocaust Studies. For EHRI she is involved in Training and Education (work package 4) as Project Manager of the Interactive EHRI Online Course in Holocaust Studies.

I believe that through education, the transmission of information, and the knowledge of facts and values, we can change people’s attitudes, world views, and behavior, thus enriching their lives and hopefully creating a more equal and tolerant world.

American Jewish Archives Collections in the EHRI Portal


We would like to extend our appreciation to The Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives (AJA) for having shared archival descriptions from the records of the World Jewish Congress’s New York office, 1918–1982, which were donated to the AJA in 1982. We are honored that these can now be accessed via the EHRI Portal

'The Lost Photographs of Gerty Simon': New Exhibition at the Wiener Library


‘Berlin/London: The Lost Photographs of Gerty Simon’

EHRI Partner The Wiener Library’s summer exhibition displays the remarkable work of German Jewish photographer Gerty Simon, and features many of her original prints from the 1920s and 1930s.

New EHRI Document Blog: Files of the Austrian “Concentration Camp Association”


By starting with a quote from the file of Leopold Berger, this blog post describes the history of the Austrian Concentration Camp Association as well as the collection of 15,000 files held by the Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance (DÖW).

The collection is a unique source for information on Holocaust survivors in Austria and also gives insight into the political situation in the immediate post-war period in Austria.

New EHRI Document Blog: "Historical Meaning beyond the Personal”: Survivor Agency and Mediation in the Wiener Library’s Early Testimonies Collection


The latest EHRI Document Blog post by Christine Schmidt (Wiener Library) takes a close look at challenges in developing a “testimonial literacy” (in the words of Noah Shenker) for reading and interpreting early eyewitness accounts in the Library’s collection, particularly as they become more widely accessible through digital platforms and resources.

EHRI Conference

EHRI Public Conference: Holocaust Studies and its Social Setting


3 July 2019, Amsterdam

The International Conference Holocaust Studies and its Social Setting. Challenges and Trends will focus on the importance of EHRI’s human network and the public dimension of Holocaust Studies. Renowned Holocaust researchers and policymakers, such as Wendy Lower, Dieter Pohl and Katharina von Schnurbein, will speak at the conference, discuss EHRI's achievements and reflect on the interaction of Holocaust research with society at large. For more information about speakers, please see the speakers overview.

EHRI Academic Conference: Holocaust Studies in the Digital Age


2 july 2019, Amsterdam

This Academic Conference Holocaust Studies in the Digital Age, What’s New?, organized by EHRI and the NIOD, Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, will explore how digital technology influences contemporary Holocaust research in its broadest sense. Is the research field undergoing a digital transition that profoundly changes its nature? REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.