New EHRI Document Blog: Integrating New Data from Yad Vashem’s Archives into the EHRI Portal

Integrating data scheme
Monday, 8 July, 2019

This blog, written by Avishai Danino, Judith Levin, Kepa Rodriguez, Olga Tolokonsky and Emma Yavashan from Yad Vashem, describes Yad Vashem's data integration journey as part of their activities in EHRI's Work Package on Resource Identification and Integration Workflows. The goal was to update the Yad Vashem content on the EHRI Portal, improving the quality of the descriptions and adding a few new records. Secondly, Yad Vashem wanted to prepare the infrastructure to have a sustainable connection to the EHRI Portal, allowing content updates and additions of new material on a regular basis. In the blog a summary is presented of the designed workflows and a description of the main steps that the team took to successfully import the data into the portal.

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