Our Staff

Project Management Team at KNAW-NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Project Directors

Karel Berkhoff

Karel is a Senior Researcher at NIOD, and historian of Eastern Europe (particularly Ukraine and the Soviet Union), the Holocaust, and World War II.

He was involved in the organization of EHRI fellowships, a summer school and seminar and became Co-Director in 2019. He is the scientific coordinator of the third phase of the EHRI project.


Reto Speck

Reto is a historian whose main research interest lies at the intersection of the history of historiography, archival theory and digital humanities. He has published extensively on the digital transformation of historical and archival thought.

Reto has been active in EHRI since 2010. He initially led on the development of the EHRI Portal. He was appointed Deputy Director of EHRI in 2016, and Co-Director in 2019. He is the scientific Coordinator of the EHRI Preparatory Phase project.


Project Manager

Kevania de Vries-Menig

Kevania de Vries-Menig graduated in the field of English language and culture (Utrecht University), and in project management (University of Liverpool).

She has been active in EHRI since 2020, as project manager for both the EHRI Preparatory Phase project and the third phase of the EHRI project.


Communications Officer

Petra Drenth

Petra is a historian (University of Amsterdam) and has also graduated in Information Marketing and Management (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences).

She has been the communications officer for EHRI since the beginning of the project in 2010 and has also worked in the same capacity for other European infrastructure projects (PARTHENOS and DARIAH) and for NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, where she is based.



Rosa van Tijn

Rosa studied German at University for a number of years, before switching her studies and obtaining a B.A. degree in accountancy. She then worked for NIOD for 9 years, managing the financial aspects of externally financed projects, most importantly the EHRI-projects. In 2017, NIOD outsourced their financial management to the Humanities Cluster, which (like NIOD) is part of the Royal Academy of Sciences. Rosa has worked since then as an employee of  the Humanities Cluster, where she continues her management of financial aspects of the EHRI-projects and further develops her field of expertise in the financial rules of European funding.


Frank Uiterwaal

Frank Uiterwaal graduated in the fields of cultural history (Radboud University Nijmegen) and cultural heritage studies (University of Amsterdam). In his work, he combines his specialisation in digital heritage management with experience in IT project management and consulting.

For EHRI-PP, Frank leads the work package that focusses on EHRI’s financial future (WP3). This includes the drafting of a financial planning and budget, a funding strategy and financial policies and system.


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