The Re-Launch of The Holocaust Explained

The Holocaust Explained
Tuesday, 31 March, 2020

EHRI partner, The Wiener Holocaust Library has relaunched The Holocaust Explained, an educational resource that has been created to help learners understand the essential facts of the Holocaust, its causes and its consequences. The website aims to answer questions that students most often want to ask, in an accessible, reliable and engaging way.

The content is clearly organised across nine easy-to-navigate topic areas, such as 'What was the Holocaust?' and 'How did the Nazis rise to power?' It is an extremely popular online resource with both teachers and students alike, and visited from 140 different countries.

The Holocaust Explained key features include: Video recordings of Holocaust survivor testimony; Multimedia content with a variety of new and original maps, photographs, documents and diagrams to help explain key concepts and events; A glossary of over a thousand words helping to explain difficult vocabulary and specialist terms; A clear timeline of events; Advanced content for those who have already achieved a good basic understanding of the topic and wish to explore more.

Over the past two years, The Wiener Holocaust Library has been reviewing and revitalising the content on the website, with unique documents from the Library's archive integrated along with the introduction of new interactive features. Irreplaceable documents from the Library's collections are showcased throughout the site to help visualise the content.

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Image: The Wiener Holocaust Library Collections. This pamphlet was published by Szmul Zygielbojm, a Polish Jewish politician and refugee in September 1942. The pamphlet contains reports of the Nazi atrocities, collected by the Polish underground movements and eyewitness reports from Polish citizens.